Wine Tasting Table

Modern Wine Tasting Table with a metal base and wood top - Custom Furniture - Wine Bar

The custom wine-tasting table was custom-designed for a client’s wine room to coordinate with the marble on the countertops. For the table’s steel base, I added a patina to its sides using various chemicals to react with the metal and rust it in different colors. The bright orange steaks created during the process coordinated well with orange streaks in the marble countertop.

For the top, we didn’t want to match the wood in the cabinets; we wanted something a little more exotic that would stand out and complement the stain color in the cabinets. So, we chose a wood called Wenge. I finished it with a clear coat, which brought out its natural color, highlighting its deep, dark espresso brown coloration. This wood is incredibly durable and beautiful. The picture does not do it justice.

When I built this custom wine-tasting table, it was one of the largest metal pieces I had done then. Adding the patina to this piece was especially interesting as I had to treat the edges without the chemicals running down the sides, ruining what I had already done. It was quite the dance.

The table stands 42” tall, and the top is 40” wide by 86” long and 4” thick.

I kept the base as skinny as possible to maximize the legroom when sitting on a bar stool. Since the table is held up by the center pedestal, I weighted the base, which made it incredibly stable. Getting that thing to tip over will be a team effort.

Made In Colorado

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