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Elliptical End Table 3 Tiers | Custom End Table

Elliptical End Table 3 Tiers | Custom End Table

Oval End Table - Custom End Table

This end table came about from the thought of making a table with an ellipse for the top with some abstract shelves underneath it.  An ellipse itself is an exact shape, and while pleasing to the eye from a design standpoint, I wanted to add an abstract concept.  Even though the top was confined to a perfect oval, the tiered shelves below contrasted it by making them an abstract shape.  This shape played off the top by mimicking the oval shape where they joined the legs.  I also sculpted the legs, emulating the blossom of a Calla Lily. Since flowers all grow at different heights, the 4th leg is shorted just tall enough to help support the 2nd shelf.

The top and shelves are made from cherry, and the legs are walnut.  Cherry darkens to a beautiful medium golden brown as it ages.

The overall size of the end table is about

20” tall

35” Long

24” Deep

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