Glass Dining Table with Steel Patinated Base

Glass Dinning Table with Steel Patinated Base - Custom Furniture - Custom Dining Table

This dining table comfortably seats six people. It features a glass top with a decorative beveled edge, which adds a sleek, elegant look. Handling a large piece of glass like that is always nerve-wracking, but the sleek, refined look of the glass against the rustic industrial feel of the steel base is worth it.

I welded up the steel base from sheet metal and then added a decorative patina by applying various chemicals to react with the steel, creating shades of orange, brown, and black.  The base is then sealed with a clear coat, locking the color in while highlighting the rich color tones.  The base is also weighted, adding stability to the glass top, which is held in place with a steel crossbar that intersects the base.  This was a perfect accent to my client’s dining room decor.  Their main color pallet was cool grays. This dining table added a contrasting pop of color and warmth to the room.

The table is 30″ high, 36″ wide, and 84 ” long.

Made In Colorado

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