Custom miners bar cart - Custom bars and furniture - Sculpture

My client was a mining engineer and wine connoisseur, which inspired the design of this miner’s bar cart.  To create the design, I visited a mining museum in Colorado to gather references and create an authentic yet stylish cart. Unlike the original mining carts, which prioritized function over aesthetics, I aimed to create an attractive and functional piece.

I used ebonized oak for the wood components, including the top, inner arch, and wine rack. The rest of the cart was fabricated from mild steel stock, including a 3-inch steel channel base, a bent metal arch, and some angle iron to frame around the top.

To continue the miner’s theme; I sourced a hook from a tractor store and fabricated a custom mount to attach it to the front of the cart. On the other end, I used a D ring from a trailer tow kit.  Then, to add some additional adornment, I used some large rivets to make it look like it was riveted together.

The wheels were sourced from a collector recommended by the mining museum. Using a cupric nitrate solution, I added a black and rusted patina to all the steel.

I crafted the bucket from oak and applied a Shou Sugi Ban finish, giving it an aged patina. I’ve included a screenshot of the SketchUp drawing I used to present the design to my client.

Made In Colorado

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