wine Display case, display your wine glasses and wine bottles - heirloom custom woodworking

This wine display case was designed for a couple’s anniversary dates.  It will be filled with 3 of their favorite wines or champagnes from the year they were married.  The first Bottle will be opened on their wedding day, and then the remaining bottles will be opened every 25 years, raising a glass to all the accomplishments they have achieved as a couple and the ones that remain in their future.  The top tray will contain notepads for them to journal their thoughts and write notes to each other to be read in the coming years.

The case is made from walnut, and the top is accented with Genuine Mahogany.  For the inside of the case, I carved a foam block to cradle the glasses perfectly and hold various wine bottle shapes.  After the foam was carved to shape, it was flocked with a green flocking to give it an elegant look.


Made In Colorado

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