Semi Elliptical Hall Table

Custom Leg carved to fit table top - Custom Furniture


This semi-elliptical hall table is made from African Mahogany.  The top is gilded with silver leaf, and then a patina was applied with sulfur potash to add various contrasting colors and an aged look to the piece. The silver leaf is sealed with several coats of polyurethane to protect it.

The outer rim of the top comprises of segmented pieces of mahogany. Since it is not a perfect circle but rather an oval shape, each segment, from the center point of the table to the edge, was cut at different lengths and angles to achieve the oval shape.

To continue the semi-ellipse theme, the fronts of the legs are shaped as a semi-ellipse as well and then taper to a smaller oval foot. The legs were hand-shaped with a spokeshave. To attach the legs to the top, I scribed the curve of the apron and the top curve to the back of the legs and pegged them in place with dowels from behind.

The hall table Stands 29” tall, 48” wide, and 18” deep. (sizes are approximate)

Made In Colorado

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