Custom Bathroom Vanity With Live Edge Walnut Backsplash

Walnut Vanity with live edge backsplash handcrafted by Brian Benham - Custom Bathroom Vanity


Custom Bathroom Vanity with a Contemporary feel.

This client wanted a mountain contemporary feel to their bathroom vanity.  I built a sleek contemporary walnut countertop and then added an organic element with a live edge slab as the focal point of the design.   In keeping with the clean lines and contemporary feel, I designed the vanity top to have a mitered corner, angling the counter’s end back to the wall.

To add some additional visual interest to the live edge walnut slab as the backsplash, I fitted it with ebony butterfly inlays to draw your eye in, bringing attention to the beautiful figure in the grain of the slab.

The vanity was outfitted with an onyx sink. To hide the plumbing under the counter, I built a custom-shaped walnut pedestal and inset an onyx slab in the face of the pedestal.

The onyx sink and pedestal are backlit with LEDs. One of the coolest characteristics of onyx is its translucent nature. When lit from behind, the onyx glows and shows off all its beautiful colors and patterns.

Sizes are approximate

8″ tall (vanity top)

16-18″ tall (backsplash)

27″ deep

76″ long



Made In Colorado

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