Executive Desk With Copper Accent

Executive Desk With Copper Accent - Custom Desk

This desk design came about because the client loved the mixed media for the stone bench I had done in a previous project. He wanted to combine different materials for his project, so we decided to combine wood and patinated copper to add some depth of color.

In the stone bench, the focal point was the stone, with a decorative arch and cross brace pointing to it.  I played off that concept when designing the front panel of the desk.  The main focal point is the copper medallion held in place with a segmented ring.  Then, I used a grid with variable spacing that arched towards it to draw attention to it.

That grid and copper are carried around the sides of the desk and across the drawers.

The client had a few additional requests. For the drawers, he wanted at least one file cabinet drawer and a pencil sorter for the center drawer.  For the file cabinet, I outfitted it with a custom stop to make the drawer depth adjustable, preventing files from sliding to the back of the drawer.  The drawer handles are custom shaped and integrated into the drawer front.  For the pencil sorter, I carved out various size pockets to sort pens, pencils, paper clips, and other office supplies.

He also loved the look of a live edge slab, so we sourced a walnut live edge slab for the top and inlaid some bowties made from wenge.

The accent grid is also walnut, and the main desk is cherry.

The overall size of the desk is 30″ Tall, 66″ long, and 34 wide.

This desk was the start of my porthole series.

Made In Colorado

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