Craftsman Style Handrail and Staircase

Craftsman Style Staircase and handrail - Custom Millwork - Colorado

Drawing inspiration from the architectural elements prevalent in the home, the staircase design seamlessly integrates with the modern ambiance while subtly echoing the Craftsman aesthetics of the kitchen. The staircase was crafted from hickory and then stained to complement the hardwood flooring.

Every component was meticulously crafted in my shop, from the milling of stair treads and newel posts to the intricately designed spindles, and then assembled on-site.

The client wanted to change the stair design from a boxed-in stair to an open tread style wrapping around the wall.  To minimize the demolition work, I surgically cut the wall mirroring the rise and run of the stairs and then slid a pre-made framing support structure in the cavity.  This allowed me to seamlessly blend the new stair design into the house’s existing structure.


Made In Colorado

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