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Craftsman Style Handrail and Staircase

Craftsman Style Handrail and Staircase

Craftsman Style Staircase and handrail - Custom Millwork - Colorado

The overall staircase design came from some of the architectural features in the house.  While the house was a more modern design, the kitchen had some craftsman stylings to it.

The staircase and handrail are made from hickory stain to match the hardwood floor installed at the top of the stairs.

Since the client wanted to change their old walled in the staircase to one where the tread was exposed and do a full wrap-around, everything had to be custom fitted.  I did all the milling of the new stair treads, newel posts, and spindles in-house.

To keep the demo to a minimum and not want to reframe the wall entire wall.  I surgically cut the wall in the shape of the rise and run of the staircase and carefully refrained the wall between the drywall.

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