Each piece of furniture I create is crafted with a keen eye to detail, and each design is carefully thought out. It is my hope that when you see my furniture you can't help but be drawn to it. You will be able to feel how solid the construction is, see the beauty and shape of the design, and let your eyes follow the grain in the wood as you take in its richness and beauty. It will be inviting to the touch, and have a since of quality and poise about it.

If you are looking for something in particular, don't sacrifice quality, originality, beauty or functionality, just have it custom made. Start the process here, and let me create a custom piece of furniture from your ideas.

Featured Projects

Cherry DeskGreen and Green tableCherry Bench

Recent Furniture Projects

Whiskey Gift Box, Colorado

This whiskey display box is one of my favorite builds. When the client first approached me, I was not really excited, as I have built hundreds of boxes. However, as the design came together, and I started building the project it turned out really beautiful, and was a fun build. I 'm glad I kept an open mind, this is one I hope to build again and again for every brand of whiskey out there. The box is made from walnut and mahogany

Cherry writing desk,Furniture by Benham Design Concepts Colorado

Cherry Writing Desk. My wife always give me a hard time the she is the cobblers wife with no shoes. I build furniture for a living but our house has very little furniture in it that I built. To change that the first version of this desk I built, I made for our daughters 11th birthday. It has been a great addition to the furniture in her room. The desk is made from American cherry and spalted maple.

Japanese styleFurniture by Brian Benham Colorado

Japanese meditation shelf. I love hand cutting joinery, so this shelf was a lot of fun to build. The shelf is held together with the use of through tenons and wedges. Each wedge and tenon is hand cut and hand fitted. This piece of furniture is made from walnut, but can be customized using different woods.

To see more of my favorite furniture projects that I have recently completed for local customers, in the Colorado Springs, and Denver Colorado Area.

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