Two Tone Mid-Century Modern Nightstand

Two Tone Mid-Century Modern Nightstand

Custom Oak Mid Century Modern Nightstand - Custom FurnitureFor this project, my client wanted a nightstand to fit the space next to their bed. Most of the nightstands they liked were wide and didn’t fit space. So we pulled in elements for other nightstands they liked and built this custom piece.
The nightstand is made from white oak with a two-tone stain treatment.  The lighter wood is the natural color of the oak, but the darker wood was custom matched to the stain color of the bed.  I milled a back bevel on the front to add a level of depth and to transition from the stain into the natural wood.

The client wanted a little cubby on top to store phones, tablets, or books, keeping the top of the nightstand clean but the phone easily accessible. To keep the phones and tablets charged up, I drilled a hole in the top right corner of the cubby so it would be discrete and out of site.  That hole leads to a power strip that is integrated into the back of the nightstand, featuring a standard USB and mini USB charging port.

The drawer boxes are dovetail construction and outfitted with under-mount soft close drawer glides.  The interior designer selected the sleek, modern drawer pulls to tie the colors and materials to the rest of the room.


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