Case Study for Designing The Mountain Modern Front Door

Project Summary: For this design, I was tasked to design the front door, seen on the right, to complement the decorative timber framing throughout the house.  As you can see from the final construction picture, the timber framing had some unique angles in its design that make a bold statement.

Project Location: Colorado Springs

Design Style: Mountain Contemporary Modern

Finished Photos for Portfolio: Mountain Contemporary Entry Door


Entry way with in the Mountain Contemporary Style

One of my favorite examples of finding inspiration for a design is the above-pictured door I was commissioned to design and build.

The interior designer and I went back and forth on the design, coming up with many ideas, some good and some bad.  By the end of the week, we had several good designs waiting for client approval.  While they were all excellent designs, none stood out as “That’s the one!” It wasn’t until the project was underway and I visited the job site that I stumbled across what would be the inspiration for the final design of the door.

Above left is a decorative and functional steel bracket the designer and contractor created to support the vertical beams.  The home’s interior structure was of a modern timber framing design, and variations of these brackets were displayed prominently throughout.  This one spoke to me, and I went to work using it as inspiration for the door.

I took the above steel bracket and started sketching out variations of it in the context of a door.  Once I was happy with the overall design, I headed to my computer to create a scaled drawing and rendering to present to the client.

The divisions of space in the door panel complement the divisions of the decorative steel on the bracket, and the angular divide lends itself nicely to the angular nature of the beam design featured throughout the house.     It didn’t take long for the approval to come through.

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