Mountain Contemporary Front Door

Custom Made Mountain Contemporary Front Door - Custom Door

This Mountain Contemporary Custom Door is customized to fit the 42” wide by 94” tall rough opening.  The door frame is stained to match the house’s trim, and the Doug Fir panels are stained to match the color of the Doug Fir Timber framing throughout the house.

The inspiration for the door came from the Timber Framing featured throughout the house.  This wasn’t your ordinary timber framing with straight beams and standard 45° angled supports.  The main supporting vertical beams are also angled with supports set at arbitrary angles to add a decorative look.  The main support beams are held in place on an angle with decorative metal brackets bolted to the floor.

When I designed the Custom door, I tapered the stiles of the door to mimic the angle of the vertical support beams and threw in a few angled cross braces to mimic the cross braces intersecting the main support beams.  Then, to bring in the decorative element of the steel supports, I picked my favorite one (the picture in the gallery above).  I used the dividing cross hatches, flipped them upside down, and added that design element to the top of the door.

This Mountain Contemporary Custom Door is one of my favorite designs. It was heavily influenced by the building’s Mountain Contemporary Architecture, so it fits in perfectly.


Made In Colorado

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