Case Study For Designing A Mid-Century Modern Nightstand

Project Summary: For this design, the client wanted a custom-sized Mid-Century Modern nightstand for a master bedroom remodel.  They wanted clean lines, subtle details, and it to be made from walnut.

Project Location: Denver Colorado

Design Style: Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Finished Portfolio Photos: Custom Designed Mid-Century Modern Nightstand in Walnut


Room Scene Render

Mid-Century Modern Nightstand

Above is a bedroom room scene rendered from my SketchUp drawing to give the client a sense of what the design will look like in the room with a bed.  I kept the room decor details fairly basic with a lap and old-style alarm clock so as not to detract from the main focal point of the Mid-Century Modern Nightstand.

Wood Type

Walnut Wood

The Main case will be walnut with a clear satin finish applied.

Cherry wood
The inside of the drawers: sides, back, and bottom, will be cherry wood.  This creates a warm contrast to the walnut and prevents you from looking into a dark drawer, making it a more pleasant experience when selecting items from the drawer.

Back Bevel Edge Detail

Beveled Edge detail on mid-century Modern Furniture



The Mid-Century Modern design style features clean lines, which can be boring, so I added a back bevel along the outside edges for this design.  This simple detail adds some additional visual interest and depth to the nightstand.


Waterfall Grain Detail

Miter with continuous waterfall wood grain

When selecting material and laying out my cuts for the miters, I made an effort to keep everything in order and cut the whole case from one piece of wood so that the grain of the wood would flow across the top and down the side uninterrupted by the miter cut.


Drawer Wood Grain Pattern Detail

Drawer Grain Pattern

For the drawer fronts, I wanted to be sure that they felt cohesive and belonged together.  So when I cut the drawer fronts, I cut them out of a single board and turned the board as I cut them so that the edge of the grain on the drawer fronts would flow from one drawer to the next.

Mid-century Modern Furniture Feet Detail

Mid-century modern furniture feet

For the feet detail, I chose to do a steeply angled cut on the inside edge of the foot.  This angled cut is a staple in Mid-Century Modern furniture design.


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