Live-edge Floating Shelf from a Walnut Slab

live-edge floating shelf with hand-cut bowtie inlay - Custom Furniture

This live-edge floating shelf shows a creative transformation of a live-edge slab that was initially dismissed due to a section marred by a chainsaw, where a branch was cut off.  The slab needed to be reimagined to bring out its natural beauty.

To do this, I sculpted away the chainsaw marks, reshaping them into a graceful waterfall-like flow that follows the grain of the wood. This carving highlights the natural movement and texture of the grain.

I hand-cut ebony bow tie inlays to stabilize the slab’s natural cracks and embrace them as a design element, adding contrast between the walnut and black ebony.

One end of the slab was heavily deteriorated, so I cut it at an angle, removing the rotted portion and giving the piece an organic form that appears to emerge naturally from the wall. This artistic process turned the once-discarded slab into a functional piece of art that doubles as a floating shelf.

Sizes are Approximate:

1 3/4″ thick

10″ deep

72″ long


Made In Colorado

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