Floating Shelf From Live Edge Walnut Slab

Floating Shelf From Live Edge Walnut Slab

hand-cut bowtie inlay - Custom Furniture

This floating shelf was created from a live edge slab offcut. It was originally discarded because a section along the edge where a branch grew was cut off, leaving an ugly chainsaw scare that broke the continuity and flow of the live edge.

To rectify the scare left behind from the branch. I carved away the chainsaw marks and created what looked like a waterfall of grain flowing off the wood’s edge. I carved it in such a manner so that the shape of the waterfall follows in the direction of the grain.

I then came back and hand-cut inlays of ebony bow ties to stabilize the cracks in the wood, celebrating the cracks as a decorative feature.

One end of the slab was quite rotted, so I cut the wood at an angle, cutting off the rotten end. This gives the feeling that the walnut slab is growing out of the wall in an organic shape.

Sizes are Approximate:

1 3/4″ thick

10″ deep

72″ long


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