Cherry Custom Bench – The Group W. Bench


Mountain Modern Custom Bench - Custom Furniture Colorado

Custom Bench made from cherry and accented with walnut

This is the original version of the Group W Bench.  It’s made from American Cherry and is accented with walnut. The Walnut is used in the butterfly inlay on the top to accent the crack in the wood and on the joinery of the legs. I used it to wedge the through tenon in place on the trestle support beam.

Sizes are approximate

18″ tall
60″ long
15″ deep

This piece is a great example of having custom furniture in your home. It was built as an entryway bench, sized perfectly to fit inside the door. It will give your guests a great first impression of the style in your home. With the angled legs and walnut butterflies inlaid into the top, it is a welcoming place to sit down and take your shoes off.

The name of the bench came from a song called Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie. I originally built the bench for my entryway so the kids could take off their shoes when they came in. However, it became a convenient place to put them in time out or make them sit while I decided what their punishment should be. Therefore, I started calling it the “Group W Bench.” Like in the song “Alice’s Restaurant,” it became a place for them to sit while they waited to see how much trouble they were in.


Made In Colorado

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