Coffee Tables and End Tables

Naka Coffee Table

Naka Coffee Table

Nakashima Coffee Table inspired

This Coffee Table was inspired by George Nakashima, one of my personal, most influential woodworking heroes.  I, of course, did add a few of my own design twists to it.  On the bottom stretcher, I added a graceful, bezier curve to add some movement to the base.  The curve adds some movement to the piece, much like a humpback whale surfacing for air.

To be sure the piece was not heavy feeling, instead of a solid piece of wood as the back cross leg, I used two mirrored angled pieces of wood flaring off the center arch.

The main structure is made from walnut and is joined together using bridle joints.  The live edge walnut top is joined to the base using through mortise and tenon joints wedged with African Mahogany.  This adds some contrast and visual interest to the joinery. I always love it when I can use exposed joinery to show how a piece was assembled.

Sizes are approximate:

42″ Long, 20″ wide, 16″ tall

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