Japanese Contemplation Bench

Japanese Contemplation Bench

Japanese Style Bench Handcrafted by Brian Benham

An architectural feature I saw several years ago in the Portland Oregon Japanese Gardens inspired this design. It had been kicking around in my head for a while, just waiting for the right person to build it for. Well, that time finally came, I found a client in the Colorado Springs area that was doing a full basement remodel and was looking furnishings for his spa room. They had made a room in their basement that contained a built-in sauna and steam shower. I created two of these benches for this project, one to go outside of the sauna the other to go outside of the shower.

The angled mortises and through tenons for the stretcher are all hand cut, as well as the tenon and wedge that holds the base together. I love this kind of joinery, not only does it add strength to the piece, but it also adds beauty and a sense of traditional woodworking that you just don’t see in factory-made furniture.

The top of the bench is held into place with through tenons that are wedged with mahogany wedges for a subtle accent. The overall bench is made using walnut and finished with a clear satin finish.

Sizes are approximate

18″ tall
36″ wide
12″ deep

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These projects are some of my recent works that show my commitment to producing quality well designed, and handcrafted furniture. They were selected to show my depth of experience in designing unique pieces, as well as my ability to execute a high level of craftsmanship to bring them into the world. If you would like to see further examples of my work, you can view a more in-depth portfolio here.