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Tall Oak Jewelry Box

Tall Oak Jewelry Box

tall Oak Jewelry Box with 4 drawers lined with felt
This Jewelry Box is made from red oak and is finished with amber shellac. The lid is hinged to access the top compartment with three drawers below. There is a secret hidden drawer in the bottom to keep your special valuables and is only accessed from underneath via a sliding dovetailed locking mechanism.

Each compartment and drawer is lined with dark green felt and has a cushioned felt bar to hold and display your rings.

I'm a Colorado based Bespoke Furniture maker specializing in the design and fabrication of custom furniture and architectural elements that resemble works of art, using materials such as wood, glass, stone, and metals. The furniture I produce serves not only as practical items but also as works of art, infusing character and style into any space.

Whether you’re seeking functional furniture or distinctive art pieces, I can collaborate with you to design and build the perfect addition for your home or office.