Sculpted Coat Rack

Sculpted Coat Rack - Custom Furniture

This custom-sculpted coat rack design came from wanting to Explore a new technique.  About a decade ago, I was watching a TV show called Redwood Kings.  They made crazy tree houses from redwood stumps and other salvaged Items.  While watching that show, one of the guys demonstrated how he made these crooked posts form a straight 4×4 on the bandsaw by basically turning the 4×4 inside out.  I immediately knew I wanted to try this in some kind of project.  The technique in itself is fairly simple, but coming up with a use case on how to use it in a piece of furniture was a bit of a design challenge.   So, I decided to incorporate it into a coat rack that looks like it belongs in Whoville.

The coat rack is about 6 feet tall and has a footprint of about 20″ x 20″

It is made of Cherry and finished with a clear satin coat.

Made In Colorado

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