Engagement Ring Presentation Box

Hand carved hearts from purpleheart wood

This is how you propose to your girlfriend with style and class. My Client wanted a unique way to propose to his girlfriend. He envisioned a box with a lock on each side and four words of meaning to be engraved above each lock. Together we designed the style of the box, and I handcrafted the presentation box to emulate our design.

The main box is made of Walnuts. The top, corner inlays, and hearts are made from Purple hearts. Each heart is hand carved and fitted as the lock’s key hole. The inside of the box is lined with white satin and contains a ring holder.

Sizes are approximate: Height 7″, width 6″, length 6.”

This box can be personalized with special words engraved on the side and top.

The price includes one word on each side and a basic image on the top. If you want a more in-depth saying engraved or a more complicated image, please let me know, and I can quote you a price for custom work.

This box can be customized to your specifications. Please use the “Customize This” tab to tell me how you would like this box customized and request a quote.


Made In Colorado

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