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Batchelor’s Whiskey Box

Batchelor’s Whiskey Box

Custom whiskey gift box for a wedding handcrafted by Brian Benham - Keepsake box

A Toast Among 6 Friends 

The origin of this box all started with six friends who grew up together, through high school and into college.  They shared all kinds of crazy times and memories together.  However, life keeps moving forward, and as the years passed, so did each friend as they found the girl of their dreams.  Over the years, each friend asked for their perspective girls’ hand in marriage.   The night before the wedding, the six friends would gather together for the traditional bachelor party and have a toast. A toast to the good times, the future success of the newfound love, and most importantly, a toast to the loss of freedom of the bachelor’s life.

Each box was constructed to house six shot glasses and sized to each groom’s favorite whiskey brand.  This particular box is made from walnut with an accent wood of African mahogany for the lid.  The joinery is a traditional box joint.  The glasses are held in place with a custom-sized grid of holes, and the bottle is displayed on a custom stand turned on my lathe.   The interior is lined with green felt, and all the exposed wood is finished with a hand-rubbed oil and varnish blend.

Sizes are approximate

8” tall

14 1/2″ wide

14” long

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