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Floating Shelf To Display a Model Train

Floating Shelf To Display a Model Train

Custom Floating Shelf for 1950s era model train in custom tunnel - Custom Woodworking


These floating shelves were a fun build. The client wanted to have one of the shelves equipped with a custom train tunnel for his 1950’s era model train from his childhood.

The overall shape of the design was inspired by part submarine, part star wars ship, made from walnut.⁠
The train tunnel goes all the way through both upright supports. I trimmed it with a little walnut trim to act like a row of bricks. They may be reminiscent of my childhood watching Mr. Rogers’s trolley roll into the neighborhood of make-believe.
The train fits perfectly, with just enough space between the top of the train and the top of the tunnel, so the villain doesn’t get scraped off during the hijacking.⁠

Each unit spans a 4-foot by 4-foot wall space, and the shelves are 8″ deep.

They fit perfectly over the custom cabinets I built

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