Entry Cabinet at Red Rocks

Entryway Cabinet at Red Rocks - Custom Furniture Denver

In early 2023, I had an opportunity to design dining tables and a cabinet for the prestigious Red Rock Amphitheater Visitors Center. The cabinet was strategically designed for the entryway. Its purpose is to provide the hostess with a convenient storage space for additional supplies such as menus and to serve as an information hub, displaying details about the park, the restaurant, and upcoming concerts.

The walnut cabinet is 36” tall, 18” deep, and 38” wide. The cabinet doors feature a geometric grid that I have incorporated in a few projects, and the center panel is patinated steel.

Each time I patinate steel, the final color and pattern are a surprise. Over the years, I have learned to guide patterns and colors, but nature does what nature does best and produces a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

The inside of the cabinet has an adjustable shelf, and the doors are mounted using soft-close hinges.  The drawer pulls were fabricated in-house and finished using the same patination technique as the door panels.


Made In Colorado

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