Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Decorative metal hall table - Copper accent - mixed media artist

Wood, stone, metal, and glass; all have an endless variety of colors, textures, and grain patterns.   I am always looking for that unique piece of wood with just the right amount of figure to create an interesting flow in the grain or exploring new techniques to add color and texture to a piece with metals or stone.

Deciding where to put each piece of wood is an art in itself.  Does it go across the front allowing the grain to flow from one drawer to the next, or do I put it front and center to highlight its beauty on the top of a table?

There is always a little tension between letting the design dictate the piece of wood being used and letting the wood dictate the direction of the design.

Then, too I incorporate this piece of stone or glass.  Do the colors from the patinated metals accent the colors in the woods?  The challenge of incorporating these different materials into one homogenous piece of furniture or sculpture is what makes the whole process worth doing.

As I design and build, I work towards finding a balance between the different materials and try to find beauty, functionality, and originality in each piece I create.  The fun lies in the journey. The satisfaction lies in the mastery of execution.

A Colorado Artist designing and building custom furniture and unique pieces of art using wood, stone, glass, and metals. I pull inspiration for my work from nature and interesting pieces of architecture I discover on my travels. If you are interested in a unique piece of art or are interested in surrounding yourself with high-quality furniture please contact me to discuss the details about your project.