The Journey into the Lifelong Pursuit of Creating Furniture into Art

Brian Benham

By using various hardwoods combined with complementary materials such as steel, stone, and glass, with a mix of modern techniques and traditional hand tools, Brian designs and crafts his furniture into beautiful works of art.

Every piece of art, whether it is a traditional design, an abstract sculpture, or something that inspired Brian to create, tells a story. You can become a part of Brian’s story, and a point along his journey by purchasing one of his pieces.

Please check out his artist statement, biography, and process of creating his work.


Ebony Butterfly inlays hand cut by Brian Benham

Artist Statement

There is always a little tension between letting the design dictate the piece of wood being used and letting the wood dictate the direction of the design….Continue Reading

Brian Benham

Biography – Find out how Brian got started

For Brian, the journey towards mastering a craft never ends. There is always more to learn and more things to dream up and build…..Continued Reading.

Custom steel post ancor

The Design-Build Process

it wasn’t until the project was underway that I stumble across what would be the inspiration for the final design…..Continue Reading