Oskkar Walker Paintings Gallery Oskkar Walker Painter, Artist

Oskkar has spent a life time pushing the barriers on the status quo. His art reflects an electric array of mediums, tactile sensations, and motifs that embodies those changes. He utilizes the brush, pallet knife, hands, airbrush, cameras, and other tools to bring the life of the images into the tactile world. You will see his spirit and energy in his work. For him, the art process is a journey of discovery and metamorphosis.

This gallery features Oskkar's collection of watercolor paintings. You will see the discovery of the world around him in all forms as he seeks inspiration for his paintings

Cherry Blossom original watercolor paintingCoastal Kit flying on beach original watercolor painting Cranberries, Original watercolor paintings Dinhy, original watercolor paintingsFroggy Buisness, Original watercolor paintingFrog in berries, Original watercolor paintingsGirl in park, original watercolor paintingLighthouse on hill, Original watercolor paintingLittle Fishy original watercolor paintingsThe barn, Original watercolor paintingsVW bug, Original watercolor paintingYellow VW Buss, Original watercolor paintings