Why Buy Custom Made Furniture?

Because quality, originality, beauty, and functionality should not be sacrificed.

Custom handcrafted hickory dresser

If the above answer does not convince you how great buying custom furniture will be, rest assured that when your furniture is delivered you will be able to feel how solid the construction is, see the beauty and shape of the design, and let your eyes follow the grain in the wood as you take in its richness and beauty.

You can take pride that you have participated in creating an original piece of art. It is very satisfying to know that your piece of furniture was built by a local craftsman and not some far away factory in a foreign land, mass-producing thousands of the same thing with little attention to detail. You will have the satisfaction of supporting an American tradition of building handcrafted furniture.

Each piece of furniture I build is handcrafted with a keen eye to detail, and your design is carefully thought out. You will get the piece of furniture you want and will not have to settle for something less.

If you are looking for a higher quality product or something special that can't be found in the standard furniture stores, let me build it for you. Let me build that impossible to find, perfect nightstand or dresser to match your bed, or whatever the case may be.